My journey through the trenches...

Welcome! I am the owner and Creative Director of the Musical Makers Club, Next Move Studios and Show Your Talent. I am a Producer, Talent Agent, Studio/Program Owner, Creative Mentor and mumma bear of 2 cubs.

Reflecting on my earlier years, I am no stranger to the school of Hard Knocks. My home and family life was broken (to put it mildly) and I was out of home at the young age of 14yrs old. Though no child should have to endure the upbringing I had, I certainly learned a-lot from the sins of my parents. 

I literally went from begging for food vouchers at the local charity, to successfully running a six-figure business in an industry I love. I've been in the trenches much like you and despite the hardship and challenges along the way, I have found a way to shine through.

Starting my career over 2 decades ago as an insecure Singer and Artist, to now being a confident woman and entrepreneur, I have experienced the roller coaster of life and business. I've been flat broke, desperate for success, lost and vulnerable, confused of my path and have been abandoned by those closest to me, while being told by the naysayers that I can't do it. Any of that sound familiar?

Let me tell you those trenches were deep, but I managed to climb out and become the Star of my own life. I truly believe you can too!

I still have a long way to go and wanted to share my journey with others, as I delve into what has helped me move forward in my business and my life.

I deeply believe that stardom belongs to everyone. The true path to stardom, means more than financial gain and fame by social standards. Being a Star in your own life, is about discovering ways to personally shine and also, finding and experiencing the opportunities to do so. 

I am blessed to have created a community of like-minded people and I want you to join me as I blog my journey. I am open to the possibilities and hope we can shine brightly together.