Helping others glisten is my life's work!



From a young age, I had to make my own way in the world. I went from begging for food stamps to successfully running several businesses and living a life of passion. 

After a whirlwind career as an Artist that saw me perform on a multitude of stages and on TV screens for over a decade, it wasn't until I was 4 months pregnant with my first child that I decided to hang up my microphone. I have not looked back since. I happily became the mother bear of 2 cubs and began my journey into business.

Now I am an award winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, Talent Agent, Industry Mentor and Producer who is passionate about facilitating the dreams of others. Some of these roles are delivered through being the Creative Director of my arts companies, Musical Makers Club (where we provide quality performing arts youth programs and experiences Australia wide), and Talent Agency, Next Move Studios.


I know what has worked for me to be able to generate a healthy 6 figure business. I want to share my knowledge with others through easy to follow Programs and Coaching experiences.

One moment that I hold dear to my heart, is when I won the gold Ausmumpreneur Creative Arts Award in 2020. As it happened during Sydney’s first lockdown (due to the coronavirus pandemic), the win was monumental in continuing to spread hope and positivity throughout my community by showing that anything is possible. Since then I have had the honour of being an Ausmumpreneur Awards Judge. 

Obsessed with levelling the playing field for all Performing Artists and Creatives alike, I focus on nurturing emerging talent and businesses by providing them with the resources and opportunities to showcase their skills and passion. I strongly believe in the social, emotional and physical benefits of the performing arts. I am also an advocate for creating inclusive and positive opportunities for talent, industry professionals and arts businesses. Some of this work is done through my alliance with Ausdance NSW, where I was elected to be a part of the Standing Committee. 


My mission is to create happy and fulfilled humans, where each person feels like a Star. Stardom to me means more than financial gain, accolades and fame. Being a Star in your own life, is about discovering ways to personally shine.

My flagship course 'Talent Manager Bootcamp' (TMB), is where I educate and mentor Performing Arts Studio Owners and teachers in developing their own in-house talent management service. My goal is to help them increase their revenue, student retention and industry credibility. In turn, this also gives them the tools to effectively manage and grow their emerging Artists and students, whilst providing their students with fulfilling experiences and professional creative careers. 

My TMB course lead me to create 'Studio Talent Collective', a Talent Agency specifically designed for Studio Owners to come together, so they may support their emerging talent, serving them at their highest level.

Though these days I very much prefer to work behind the scenes, I still do the odd performance job and work as a TV Host on TVSN, Australia’s number 1 shopping channel. The occasional gig keeps me current on performance and industry trends. 

Keeping busy, I also Host a podcast called ‘Business, Arts & All That Jazz’. This platform celebrates the creative community and discusses topics related to business and the arts, which may support and inspire others. 

Throughout the ebbs and flows of business, I have come to realise that persistence is my Superpower.

Today I remain dedicated to serving my students, members, team and community in living a life that nourishes the soul and sings to them.  

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What if we could inspire people everywhere to change the world?

This question was the inspiration for creating this book. A vision to create something beautiful yet powerful that would inspire others to take action in their own lives and the work they do, in big and small ways.

This book is a collection of stories for women by women focused on inspiring purpose, vision and everyday activism. They are real-life, relatable role-models from all walks of life. I'm humbled to have been a writer.

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