$197.00 AUD

Studio Innovation Conference

Staying relevant is more important than ever before, to continue to grow and sustain your studio business.

Studio Innovation Conference, is an event designed to help Studio Owners and their team, grow their business through fresh ideas, future thinking and innovation.

What you'll get:

  • 7 industry expert Speakers
  • An engaging and community focused event (10am-4.30pm)
  • Tea and coffee available all day
  • Catered lunch and afternoon tea (dietary requirements considered and asked)
  • Eye opening, inspiring educational workshops (topics included below)
  • Sparkling Wine and community mingling at the end of the event (from 4pm) 
  • A goody bag to take home 

Workshop topics include:

  • How to become the Number 1 Studio in your local area
  • Embracing Payment Processes that get you paid on-time, every-time!
  • The Power of Personal Brand
  • TEDX Speaker will present on the connection of movement, personality and dance, with progressive teaching strategies, embracing being different
  • A fresh approach to performance space and venue hire
  • Create Your In-House Professional Performance Company
  • How to apply AI into your studio business
  • How to package your expertise into an in-house Talent Management service