#ShiningMoment Day 2 ✨ (of my 7 day challenge)

Updated: May 4, 2020

It was about 5.30am and like most mornings, I find myself waking up and lying in bed thinking, why do I wake up this early?

My 5yr old daughter is next to me after sneaking into my bed at some point of the evening or morning (as she always does), and my hubby who loves space, swaps out with with her and ends up in her bed. She is a sprawler to be fair!

As usual, I grab my phone and wind up in a social media vortex. I know this is a very bad habit and I always say to myself “I will not grab my phone first in the morning as a I wake up. I’ll start being better tomorrow!” Regardless I did it again today and 40 minutes later I was still there, engaged in news feeds of other people’s lives, scrolling through their glossy morning achievements.

Aha! What if my morning could be glossy too? Or at the very least, productive. Alas, there was a change that took place. One might call it, a shining moment.

After 40mins of social networking/stalking, I decided to get off my phone and get moving. The ‘Eye of the Tiger’ was back and ready to fight. 🐯

To make it easy on myself, I just wore pretty much the same outfit I wore to bed (tights, socks and a jumper). I threw on my sneakers and tied my hair up in my mum bun.

I spent about 10 minutes trying to find my AirPods (those slippery suckers), but then aborted the mission knowing that I was procrastinating. It occurred to me that I could walk with cabled ear phones. Genius! Genius! With wires hanging from my ears and looking sooo 2019, I left the building. Elvis would have been so proud. I was off! 🚀

It was 6.30am when I took this video and I’m pretty chuffed with myself. I needed a solo walk. Hey... I might do this again some time.


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