#ShiningMoment Day 3 ✨ (of my 7 day challenge)

Today was not glamorous but gosh I feel great. I did my BAS! 🥊 💪🏼 For anyone not in Australia, BAS stands for 'Business Activity Statement' and it has to do with lodging your quarterly company tax. #yawn

If I have not lost you yet... I did all the book keeping required for my accountant to do their job and process my BAS. This is by far the most tedious task I do each quarter and due to recent events, I needed to get it done quickly! (enter the topic of COVID-19 relief)

After a chat to my accountant, I am applying for the business stimulus package including the $10k tax credit for this financial year and also the Job Keeper payment, for me and a couple of my eligible team members. It’s never guaranteed of course, but at least the process has begun. As they say, you gotta be in it to win it.

This is me chuffed at my desk, after 2 full days of non stop book keeping. Far from fun or exciting, but a shining moment none the less because I did it, I finished! Gahhh 🤪

Next step is a form I need to complete which I haven’t even looked at yet, but that can wait until tomorrow. After that I suppose it’s in the hands of the ATO gods.

#whateverwillbewillbe #ShiningMomentday3

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