#ShiningMoment day 5 ✨ (of my 7 day challenge)

There is no better time than in isolation to stop and smell the roses and oh my goodness, what a magnificent site!

There are Rosella birds (or rainbow lorikeets I've since been told), in my front yard as I’ve never seen before. It’s a blessing to have these in front of me right now and my kids are loving it too. Ahhhh nature 🍃

Sometimes it’s nice to celebrate the simple things that nature has to offer.

I wish you could see them the way I can, because their colours are beautiful. The video does them no justice, but I’m sure you can imagine it ❤️

I know it’s tough at home during this time. However it is important to take a moment to pause when you can. There are shining moments everywhere if you are open to seeing them.


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