#ShiningMoment day 6 ✨ (of my 7 day journey)

For those that know me, I am a great savoury cook 👩🏻‍🍳 I can make anything from nothing and make it taste great HOWEVER, I am terrible at baking cakes and sweets. This may be because there is more patience required in baking and it’s very much about the details. A single teaspoon or minute too much, one way or the other, may ruin your dish!

(I’ve included some awful hot cross buns I made over Easter for your viewing pleasure. The worst bake yet!).

Now I’m always up for a challenge, so today I decided to bake paleo bread (husbands choice... don’t ask) and some vanilla cupcakes.

Ok, ok, so for the bread I used a bread mix and a bread machine BUT the cupcakes are from scratch and I didn’t have any eggs, so I needed to make eggless cupcakes. 🙀

Have to say the moment I took those cupcake babies out of the oven and the steam came off them, I knew I had a shining moment on my hands. I thought... I’m a freakin rockstar today! 💪🏼😎 #WRONG! 😭

The cupcakes were gooey inside (and not in a good way), the bottoms were burnt and despite buttering the pans, they got stuck to the tray. I had yet another baking disaster! Gahhh, when would this nightmare end? I followed the recipe, but alas they were not meant for me.

Hey, maybe I’m just not meant to bake good cakes. When reflecting on my failed attempt, I realised I’m not Betty Crocker and so what! I’m cool with that. That’s what “shake and bakes” were made for. I’m all for a packet mix and you know what? My kids still think I rock and am the cooking queen, even when it’s not from scratch. So with that I have officially thrown in the towel on cake baking from scratch. Hurrah!

My bread on the other hand... superb.

So the shining moment here is not in the result but rather the journey and the lesson from my experience.

N.B Since writing this blog entry, I discovered that my oven has been on the wrong setting this whole time. I learned this when I did a virtual baking class and the instructor told me the problem. As it turns out, I can bake! #mindblown #schooled #bakingqueen

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