#ShiningMoment day 7 ✨ (of my 7 day challenge)

I really, really, REALLY needed this walk today. It was another long isolation Sunday, wearing my PJ’s until the afternoon and unfortunately lots of TV. I just felt spent!

I had an unusual feeling of heaviness and breathlessness, even though I hadn’t moved much at all. Complete and utter exhaustion, hit me like a tonne of bricks 🧱

I told my family days ago that I wanted to go on a nature walk as I was sick of walking in a circle around our house. So today was the day we were going to do it, tired or not!

So I proceeded to have an afternoon shower and afterwards, popped on my undies and leggings. Half dressed, I fell back onto the bed and lay there as a topless starfish. 🤩

I was breathing heavy and again, felt a wave of lethargy come over me.

After a quick chat to my sister in this crippled and sad state, I got up and screamed at the house “we are going for a walk... near water”. So that’s what we did. My husband was reluctant and said “can’t we just walk around the block?”, to which I yelled, NO!

We eventually made it. Everyone was thankful for the trip and we vowed to do it every weekend. #success

I just gave myself a much needed kick up the butt when I was feeling low and yay for that ⭐️

Take care of yourself and you won’t regret it. #ShiningMomentday7

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