Become a Talent Manager!

Provide opportunities for your students in TV, Film, Commercial and on Stage!

This 'Talent Manager Bootcamp' course will take you from Studio Owner to Talent Manager in 8 weeks, by providing industry insights and the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to create your own in-house Talent Management service.

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Hear what Studio Owners had to say about their experience in the course...

Studio Owner, Ann Coates says

"I was concerned that it might be a little bit intimidating, but no, not at all. I felt like we needed to create a buzz in the studio as we've stayed stagnant for a while. I feel that the energy that you inject into the course has transferred to me as well. I feel excited by the prospect of creating opportunities for my students. I wish that I'd met you 10 years ago to be honest, because I think of all the students who've come through who were extremely talented, what might have happened with them".

Since graduating from the course and within 4 weeks of starting her management service, Ann has booked her students for TV Series, 'Home & Away' and has weekly audition available in her studio.

Studio Owner, Isabella Nikodinovski says

"To see that our kids are able to go for these roles, I think that's quite exciting. Not just for me personally but for the whole studio, to see someone from their community out there in the real world, doing what they love. I would highly recommend the course for any Studio Owner looking to improve and expand their offerings in their studio".

Since graduating from the course Isabella has made back her investment within 3 weeks of running her management service through a successful agency photoshoot! She also secures regular auditions in her studio.

Studio Owner, Stephanie Arentz says 

"I found Talent Manager Bootcamp really informative but also super easy to follow along, and to fit into our busy studio lives".

Since connecting with Josephine, Stephanie has had her students secure professional work in musical theatre, TV Commercials and major campaigns.

Studio Director, Caitlin Ballas says

"Our weekly meetings with Josephine were really helpful in consolidating what we had learned in the weekly modules and Jo made it really clear how it would benefit us and our studio growth. After completing the course, I now feel ready to implement"

The impact my Talent Agency has had in my business is incredible!

Imagine being able to facilitate the dreams of your students where you made more money and had happier clients who raved about your studio to their friends.

My in-house service has resulted in great student retention and increased income. It's contributed to me achieving a 93% student retention rate - year on year (from Dec 2021 to Feb 2022). I also have a healthy 6 figure (and growing) studio business where over 95% of my clients pay me on time, every time - which can be attributed to the credibility and authority around the role of providing opportunities for others. You have the power to build your Dream Studio!

A snapshot of some of the companies I have worked with.

So... Are you are tired of being a stepping stone and spending years mentoring students, only to have them leave you for the greener grass patch?
Step into your limelight as a Talent Manager and help your students step into theirs! It will not only help retain students, but will also provide a more meaningful experience in your studio.