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Performing Arts Studio Owners, DSO's and teachers, it's important to stay relevant, so you don't get left behind... 

Our industry is changing and we need to move with the times! Let's leap forward together.

'Studio Innovation Conference' tickets are available now!

  • Have you fallen into the trap, of doing things the way you always have done them, just because it feels comfortable?
  • Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed by new technology, when it comes to payment software options or perhaps AI and how to apply it to your studio?
  • Are you looking for new¬†program and service ideas, or¬†a fresh¬†approach to engage your students?
  • Do you want to learn¬†innovative ways to improve the efficiency of your studio business, saving you time and money?

If you answered yes to 1, 2, 3 or ALL 4 of the above, then I am sooo excited to share this upcoming event with you!

Myself and 6 other amazing Guest Speakers and discussion panellists, are here to support you as you grow your studio into the future and stay relevant with ease and confidence.

My goal is connect you with other industry friends and community where we can inspire, educate and encourage each other, as Studio Innovation Conference is set to help Studio Owners grow their business through fresh ideas, future thinking and innovation.

It's essential to move forward with the times and innovate, to improve how we do things in our industry and grow!

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All Performing Arts Studio Owners, Teachers and team are welcome to take part!

  • WHEN:¬†Friday, 8th of September 2023
  • WHERE:¬†Burwood RSL Club, NSW, Sydney AUSTRALIA

Meet Your Expert Speakers...



Introducing... Elena Lambrinos

It Starts With Actions: Disrupting the hidden curriculum in dance

 Elena is aTEDx Speaker and Studio Owner who has completed a PhD in the Sociology of Education at the University of Sydney.

 This session illuminates how dance education and performing arts more broadly, shapes the way our students act, think feel and be. This is crucial, because, in the performing arts, success and achievement isn’t just about what you know and do, it’s also about who you are.

This workshop will give you clarity, knowledge and tools needed to train your team on how to put studio values into action by developing specific behaviours, dispositions in their classes.


A fresh approach to venue hire and performance space

If you're looking for innovative and fresh ideas when it comes to performance space, this panel will inspire you.

They will discuss the financial impacts , as well as student and audience engagement.

Topics include:

  • Outdoor¬†spaces and an interactive¬†show approach
  • Traditional Theatres VS Clubs / RSL Venues and the impact making a shift can have on your studio
  • Creating¬†an in-house theatre at your studio
  • Casual performance VS the razzle dazzle
  • How to lower¬†costs and expectations for your clients
  • Q&A¬†opportunity with our panel



Introducing... Kym Degenhart

Create Your In-House Professional Performance Company

Studio Owner, Dancer and best selling Author of 'Frou, Frou to Fruition', is an expert when it comes to creating professional paid opportunities for students and also, how to create shows that sell.

Kym will share how she turned dance into a thriving business, and how you can apply her lessons to your own performing arts studio.

Kym started her journey as a dancer in a small town. She then went on to perform on the famous, Moulin Rouge stage in Paris. 

Today she is a Studio Owner with almost 500 students, owns an in-house theatre and a pro performance company. 



Introducing... Danni Nix

The Power of Personal Brand

Your brand is a story waiting to be told.

Danni is an accomplished brand photographer and personal branding specialist, who can help you unveil the essence of your brand that embodies your uniqueness!  

Studio Owners often overlook themselves in their business brand story, however more than ever before, people are looking to connect and put a face behind the business.

It's now crucial to be central to your studio's brand message.

Danni will show you how to craft a powerful brand message, aligning who you are into visual communications that elevate your studio.




Josephine Lancuba will present 3 workshop topics

  1. How to become the Number 1 Studio in your local area
  2. Embracing Payment Processes that get you paid
  3. How to package your expertise into an in-house Talent Management service 

Josephine went from humble beginnings, to successfully creating multi 6-figure performing arts businesses fuelled by passion, joy and commitment. 

After a whirlwind career as an Artist that saw her perform on a multitude of stages and on TV screens for over a decade, Josephine leaped into the world of Business, Talent Management, Studio Ownership and Motherhood. 

Now Josephine is:

  • An award winning Entrepreneur
  • A Performing Arts Business Coach and Industry Mentor
  • A Speaker and TV Presenter
  • A Talent Manager
  • A Theatrical Producer, Studio Owner and Writer
  • A member of, Ausdance NSW Standing Committee

She's proud to present a line up of industry experts that will help you grow your studio into the future through innovation and inspiration. 



Introducing... Leanne Shelton

Embracing ChatGPT for High-Converting Content

As an experienced SEO copywriter, Leanne knows the value of great copy. But coming up with those words can be a daunting task, especially if writing isn't your thing, you have a tight deadline, or you're not feeling very creative.

That's where ChatGPT comes in. This futuristic tool is only as effective as the person using it.

During this interactive session, Leanne will share vital tips on how to ensure you’re harnessing the power of ChatGPT. With more efficient, effective writing, you can ultimately save time and attract more clients - a win-win for all Studio Owners!

Workshop Topics Include:

  • How to become the Number 1 Studio in your local area
  • Embracing Payment Processes that get you paid every-time!
  • The Power of Personal Brand
  • TEDX Speaker presents:It Starts With Actions! Disrupting the hidden curriculum in dance
  • A fresh approach to performance space and venue hire
  • Create Your In-House Professional Performance Company
  • How to apply AI into your studio business
  • Package your expertise into an in-house Talent Management service

This is a catered event!

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Perfect for all Studio Owners, Teachers and team. Let's leap into the future with ease and confidence together.